I have done characters from a variety of different fandoms, but I’m recognized around the world for my award-winning League of Legends inspired cosplays. I have worn or crafted over a dozen different League costumes, and have appeared in cosplay for promotional events for companies such as Turtle Beach, Hello Hero, Corsair, and Asus. My other notable cosplay achievements include a full size Arcade Hecarim, Kim Possible, and the Tier 11 Hunter armor set from World of Warcraft.

I’m also known for my lingerie shoots of popular video game characters including popular characters like Katarina, Caitlyn and a Blood Elf Hunter.

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Danielle on Making and Cosplaying Squall

Recently we joined cosplayer Danielle Beaulieu at GiveWave Studios in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts, for a photo shoot, interview and video of her as a gender bent version of the Final Fantasy VIII character Squall. GiveWave Studios was an excellent choice as it was... read more